Friday, October 7, 2011

The Quality of Light (continued)

Any fine art painter will tell you there is only one source of light and because there's only one, it only comes from one direction. Any Plein Air painter will tell you that depending on what time of day it is dictates the color of the ambient light. In the morning it has a cool quality subtle blues and in the evening it's warm full of rich oranges and reds.
      Fortunately in our homes with the flick of a switch we can have whatever light we need and exactly where we need it. It is possible to even duplicate the quality of the light the sun produces, early or late. This is what lighting engineers refer to as a measurement of 5400 Kelvin, which is approximating high noon. A number which many fine artists try to duplicate in their painting studios, sun light or close to it. Ever notice, shadows only fall in one direction? Remember there's only one true source of light.
      What's interesting about lighting in one's home is the obvious choice of the incandescent bulb. We can thank our friend Thomas Alva Edison for that. The incandescent bulb is basically a light made from short  circuiting the negative and positive leads to the filament which glows a radiant warm ambient light. Depending on that filament wire the color will change but will always have that glowing quality.

     If you desire the light focused ,as in task lighting, then the reflector or glass part of the bulb comes into play focusing the glowing filament, depending on the degree of focus the bulb then could be called a flood or a spot. You have seen the little florescent coiled glass tube type bulb, that's a different application of electric activity as the tube has a gas that glows when charged electrically. The world of twenty first century lighting is getting complex with
quartz and Halogen as well as LED’s (light emitting diodes).  We have discovered with the application of all these devices there's always one available to produce the kind of light you need for your particular application, oh and yes, the fixtures to hold them.
     So far we have talked a little about The Quality of Light, it's a subject that has fascinated us for years and the more applications we find for our Clients homes the better equipped we find ourselves to solve even more complex lighting situations.
      How about you, got a small space needing a little ambient light to see your way...? Or a large and imposing space you would like some flexibility with in terms of lighting? Warm and cool, sunlight for a painting or just a comfortable place to write.

Nick Harding, President
Burr Chase, Lightsmith

Nostalgia Lighting, Inc.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Quality of Light...

The subject is so rich with information and ideas that it will probably take several installments of our Newsletter to impart most of our thoughts to you... We beg your indulgence.

       As makers, designers and fabricators if you will, of one off custom Lighting we sometimes start our thinking with thoughts of what's available out there in the market place.

       Somewhere (in an office far away) someone is tasked with ordering manufactured Lighting for what we think of as the big box stores. All these lighting fixtures are assembled in what is referred to as offshore factories in some foreign countries. These fixtures are made in some variety, fast and cheap, using materials barely up to the task. The big box stores can then readily offer cheap fixtures that consumers on impulse can buy to hopefully satisfy their need (and purse).

       We have always had a problem with that kind of thinking. First, is the very cheap nature of such goods and the decided lack of choice. One must buy what they have on offer whether it fulfills a specific need or not. Compromise a little here and there and live with the result, is cheaper
always better?
       When we set out to build lighting for a client the biggest issue is solving the multiple questions for each application with great concern for the quality of Light... and yes, style.

       Many visitors to our Falmouth establishment are surprised to discover that we actually fabricate Lighting on site to solve specific problems in and out of the home. The quality of light can be so amazingly versatile, the word ambiance takes on a whole new meaning when a space is well lit. Light fixtures, well designed can create a wonderful warm glow in a room or specifically light an area for work, which we call task lighting. 
       A well lit Kitchen is a great example of task lighting which can have different areas lit for specific tasks. An office or den can benefit from multiple applications of light instead of one switch does all blasting the space with an overabundance of brilliance. Less really can be a lot more if the task is approached with an open mind and even a creative mindset.

       It doesn't take long for a visitor at Nostalgia to discover that all they need is a notion of what they are trying to achieve to have our Lightsmith, Burr come up with suggestions for lighting to solve a particular need. No time at all and you get choices, shapes and if need be multiples as well as finish to suit your particular decor. Design a light? Could be you can...

       Got an idea? We'd love to hear it as that's what makes our day. An opportunity to show the quality of light, that's why were here. Look for the next addition of the Newsletter on our site where we will continue to explore aspects of the Quality of Light. 

       If you are looking for any of the specialty household hardware that
was available at Decorum, look no farther.  We have the resources to fill
your needs.

Thank you,

Nick Harding, President
Burr Chase, Lightsmith
234 Middle Road
Falmouth, Maine 04105
(207) 772-1096